The Simpsons Tapped Game – Check out the details!


The Simpsons Tapped game is a quite famous and adventure game with building city relies on the Simpson series. The game is among the free games to download that needs only 1.5 GB space in the smart phones of users. It is launched by Electronic Arts. The game is updated on daily and millions of players play it all around the world. In this game, the player helps the masses of Springfield to reconstruct the city.

Player has a role as Homer who is the main character and player here meets with an accident at the nuclear plant of the city. This accident results into the destruction of Springfield. The player then brings back the citizens. This game is a combination of adventure and humor brings joy to all fans of The Simpsons with tool of The Simpsons Tapped Cheats to earn cash and donuts.

More advanced and updated game

The player of the game can play levels up to 60 with the updates and with new unpublished content. This game takes the player into the Simpson’s world where HD graphics and scenes of seasonal changes such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Every day new tasks are being assigned to the player to have more fun.

Rebuilding the city

The game offers the player the opportunity to rebuild or reconstruct the city as per his or her choice. The missions and quests of the game are to build the city again, and the character Homer finds family and friends and visits other cities and so on.

Unlimited cash and donuts

During the play of each of missions player is able to get money, donuts as well as tickets or temporary coins such as Christmas coins or candies and so on. Player of the game can also use The Simpsons Tapped Cheats to have them more.