Hungry Shark Evolution- Walkthrough Guide For Beginners

Arcade games are gaining more popularity nowadays, and Hungry Shark Evolution is one of them. It is the best game with high definition graphics and amazing gameplay. You have to complete all the tasks to become the perfect player. If you are a new player, then you should take help from the guide to learn the controls and rules. Always keep an eye on the energy bar to play for a long time.

Types of equipment to use   

You can meet with many of items to improve your performance in the game.

  • Missile launcher- it is the best way to hit the enemies from the long distance. You have to use the fires on needy times to make the game easy.
  • Jetpacks- You can use it in many ways to complete the tasks. By using it your shark starts flying, but it also needs the energy to use.
  • Skateboard- The game gives you the option to use the skateboard in needy time.
  • Maps- It is the best equipment available in the game, and it helps you every time in the game. You have to pay the extra coins to use it.

Ways to earn the free coins and gems             

Just like every game many of easy methods to earn the currencies are available it. You can take help from different ways to collect the huge amount of coins and gems.

  • Facebook– The give you the option to attach the game with the facebook to earn the coins for one time. Don’t miss the chance and use it in the early stages.
  • Gold rush- It is a way to earn the extra points buy activates the gold rush mode. You should focus on eating fishes to survive for a long time; it gives you a chance to collect more rewards.
  • Advertisement videos- Watch all the advertisement videos and earn the rewards. You can watch many of videos in a day because the game provides these videos after 1 or 2 hours. Check the status of the videos time by time and don’t miss a single video.
  • By getting Hungry Shark World Hack and get for free more coins.

You can take help from the videos from YouTube to know the more easy ways to earn these coins and gems.

Final words

The game is full of powers and currencies, try to play more to collect both items in the early stages. Increase your level by performing well.